Evan M. McLain

A customer-focused and creative software engineer with 20 years of experience delivering usable and scalable products that make a difference.
“Evan's biggest strength is his ability to reach [out] to his customers and solicit opinion. Too many engineers develop what they think their customers need. Evan actually understands his customer's need before building his solutions.”
“[Evan] often [has] just the right question to ask that unlocks the discussion to move forward.”
“[Evan] provides meaningful, well-considered feedback, and does an excellent job communicating it in a way to guide less experienced engineers to use better practices.”


Principal Member of Technical Staff, Software Engineering, Tableau [Salesforce] (2013–⁠23)

Tools: TypeScript/JavaScript, Webpack, Yarn/NPM, C#, Gradle, Groovy, Kotlin, Python, C++, Kanban, GitLab

Senior Software Engineer (SDE III), Amazon.com (2003–⁠12)

Tools: Ruby on Rails, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, C++, Perl, Mason, Clojure, MySQL, Oracle, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Apache, openssl, Linux, Git, Scrum

Senior Software Engineer, Consystant Design Technologies (2001–⁠03)

Tools: Java, AWT, JFC/Swing, Perl, Linux, Windows, Intel IXP network processors

Captain, United States Air Force (1995–⁠2000)

Tools: Linux, Solaris, Windows, Visual Basic, Ethernet, TCP/IP, NFS, NIS, DNS


Tools: C++, C, Unix, X Windows/Motif, Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC)